WPS Connect APK Download 1.3.6 Latest Version (3.9MB)


WPS Connect APK

Wps Connect APK
Download Latest Version Wps Connect APK

Do you ever hacked your friends or neighbors WiFi password and wondered them? Do you know how WiFi mechanism works? Have you tested your router network is enough secured or not? Here we have a simple app to help you make all this possible.  WIFI( Wireless Fidelity): Wi-Fi is a wireless network technology used to connect wireless device by creating a network connection to share internet among them with the help of radio waves.

To connect to a wireless device to a wireless network, we need to select the network name and enter a password. These will secure with three mechanisms. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and (WPA2). WPS: Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a mechanism to connect a wireless device to the network without entering a password.

Wps Connect APK is an official App, and it is available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app

The connection of device faster and more comfortable and only works with the password encrypted with WPA/WPA2 security mechanisms. WPS Connect: This is an Android App uses the above tool to connect your wireless device to the network without entering the password which is available in the wps portal enabled form.

How to Download & Install WPS Connect Apk and Use?

Wps Connect APK

Download Wps Connect APK

  • Wps connect available in the Google Play store. So you can download the app from play store and install the way you install other apps just by giving access to unknown resources under settings.
  • Note: rooted device needs to take a complete use of WPS to connect app. Here you will know how to root your device.  We are not responsible for misuse of this app.
  • Once you install the WPS app on your device, you can open the app from app drawer and then a home screen will appear and asks for the permission to access your device WiFi to scan the networks available. Then a list will look with all the available systems.
  • There you can select the network you want to connect. Once you choose a network, the app will try to connect to the system using the default pins and app done the remaining work you need to wait for this the process gets completed.
  • Once the process gets completed, you can see that your device connects to the network you’ve selected.
    If the process fails that means the network is not available is wps portal enabled form. So you can try this on other systems.
  • These can also be used to check out own system to see if the network is secured or not.
    Please be sure that your network is not in WPS portal enabled form. To allow this, you need to press the WPS button that you see on the router.
  • If your network is wps portal enabled then others can connect to your network using this WPS connect app. The success rate of this app is as equal as failure rate.
    Depends on the network we try to connect, and the was portal enabled on the system. We’ve lots of apps are now available which works in the same way. I’ll give you an update soon about the more apps.

File Info

App Name WPS Connect
File Type APK
Size 3.9MB
Version 1.3.6
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on Aug 31, 2018


  • It contains it’s own PIn and does not require any external PIN to connect to private networks.
    You can connect to any device using these wps connect apk, accessing fast and speed network without any hesitation.
  • This application mostly useful when you are out of Town, and it is certified application is working on all mobile devices.
  • Your device wouldn’t slow when you install and use the application.

Screen Shots

Wps connect APK
Wps connect APK screenshots

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WPS Connect APK Download 1.3.6 Latest Version (3.9MB)
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