World’s Fastest Camera with 10 trillion frames per second


World’s Fastest Camera: Cameras have always been a fascinating object, and it makes us awe to think about the evolution of the camera to this point. The first camera which had a large setup changed into Cybershot cameras which are of the size of our palm.

Nowadays you will find every other smartphone with high-quality cameras. The highest megapixel of a phone camera introduced till date is 41 megapixels. High-end phones nowadays provide slow-motion recordings as well. And then there are the DSLR cameras which capture a picture that looks similar to that of an image seen with naked eye, even more, better.

World’s Fastest Camera with 10 trillion frames per second:

Worlds Fastest Camera
The Worlds Fastest Camera

The slow-motion cameras are used maximum in capturing things for experiments. Like you can catch the path of a bullet with an ultra slow-motion camera. This camera deals with something called FPS or frames per second. If you care to know about what FPS is and how a slow-motion camera works then you need to know about how a video recording and playing works.

  • Now that’s a general video for slow-motion cameras the rate is quite high like 1000 frames per second.
  • The highest known FPS camera until now was 100 billion frames per second, but for the latest invention of this world’s fastest the camera has taken over the previous record by a large margin.
  • This camera can capture at 10 trillion frames per second which can also track or capture the path of laser light.
    The world’s fastest camera has been unveiled and developed by students of the California Institute of technology.
  • The previous rate wasn’t pretty fast, so they decided to go faster with this camera.
    The researchers developed a procedure called temporal focusing, who were working on advanced lasers. Here a laser beam is forced to fire over an incredibly short and compressed period.
  • The full beam would then rush out all at once, but the previous camera setups were too slow to capture it and hence the world’s fastest camera.
  • They are calling it the single-shot 10-trillion-frame-per-second compressed ultrafast photography or also known as the T-cup.
    The resulting image would form as a 450 x 150-pixel video which will last for 350 frames per second.

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