WiFi Kill APK Download 2.3.2 Latest Version (10.3MB)


WiFi Kill APK

WiFi Kill apk
Download Latest version WiFi Kill apk

WiFi Kill APK: In today’s generation everyone uses wifi, everyone using the router to access speed Internet. Using Wifi is not a big thing, However, using the low-speed Internet bring frustration. To get rid of this problem there is an application called WiFi Kill Apk, Let us discuss briefly here.

If someone around your home circle connected to your router, you will get low-speed Internet and sometimes page loading takes time, even when you watch Youtube or videos, etc. We do not understand why page loading takes so much time even after having high bandwidth Internet. Here we should realize that somebody has connected to wifi without knowing us.

WiFi Kill APK is an official App, and it is available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app.

WiFi Kill Apk application has invented the best feature for all the wifi users to use fast Networking without any hesitation. You need to download the app on your Mobile device and install it. Once you install the WiFi Kill Apk, it will disconnect all the users who are using your Wifi and provides a secure connection and does not allow anyone to connect to your Wifi router without your permission.

So, that your Internet speed gets fast and you can access more speed and watch the videos without any hassle. You can also download the application from our website. Download the app and get more Features, As it is more user-friendly you will not hesitate once you install the application.

How to Download & Install WiFi Kill APK and Use?

WiFI Kill apk

Download WiFi Kill APK

Downloading WiFi Kill apk is simple and straightforward, However, follow the below steps by step information to download and install on your compatible devices.

  • Click above button to download the file on your mobile. Once you click to download, the file directly stores to file manager.
  • Go to file manager and check if the file has successfully installed. Before going to click install, make sure you enable the third party un-known resources on your device.
  • To allow the unknown resources, go to setting, on the security tab you will find enable un-known resources.
    Once you have enabled the un-knowns resources. Click on the file which has downloaded.
  • The application starts installing on your device. Once it is complete installation, Open the app and Enter your email address and click on the play button.
  • Now you will see the list of devices which have connected to your Wifi router. Click grab button, as soon as you click on the grab button all the users who are using your wifi suddenly kills and makes your Internet speed faster. Start using the fast Internet by downloading WiFi Kill apk, enjoy accessing speed Internet.

File Info

App Name WiFi Kill
File Type APK
Size 10.3MB
Version 2.3.2
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required No
Last Updated on Oct 3, 2018


  • Grab and kill users who connected to your router, make your Internet speed fast.
  • Watch the videos and Youtube by accessing fast Network. You can download the application on google play store as well as our website.
  • The application does not require more MB, and it is free to download on all devices.
    You will get the list of users who are accessing your Internet. UI Speed is as much as fast when compared to other applications.
  • You can download WiFi Kill on all Operating systems as it is compatible with Android and windows & iOS devices.

Screen Shots

WiFI Killl apk screen shots
WiFI Kill apk screenshots

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WiFi Kill APK Download 2.3.2 Latest Version (10.3MB)
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