Samsung HMD odyssey Mixed Reality Headset


Samsung HMD odyssey: Mixed reality or virtual reality are the same terms used for this type of category. Samsung, who is well known for its high-end smartphones, they are quite late in the mixed reality business. But that’s the lukewarm attitude of Samsung because once they started investing in this category.

Its consumers were dumbstruck by the fanciest of toys it made in the mixed reality business. If you heard about Samsung oculus, then you need to try the HMD odyssey which is also being called the Cadillac of Mixed reality headsets. The HMD odyssey is one of the first Windows mixed reality headsets designed and developed by Samsung.

Samsung HMD odyssey

Samsung HMD odyssey
Samsung HMD odyssey

This Mixed reality headset features is higher resolution than other mixer reality headsets of windows. The 3D audio produced from the built-in headphones are a treat to the ears. Samsung HMD odyssey.

The has moisture proof leather, and along with that, the Samsung has also redesigned the windows controllers with a thought for more excellent ergonomics.

  • The specifications are what people are most looking into, and this is the list of specs, Samsung incorporated into its HMD odyssey windows mixed reality headset.
  • The display type of the headset is that of AMOLED type which is used to feature vibrant colors.
  • It always is seen that Samsung used AMOLED and Super AMOLED screen on its devices.
  • The Display size of the headset is dual 3.5 inches with a PPI of 615 and per eye resolution of 1440 x 1600.
  • The rate at which it refreshes is 60 Hz with integrated GPU and that of 90 Hz with that of discrete GPU.
  • The Lens type in the headset is that of the Fresnel type, and the adjustment factor of the lens is 60-72 mm mechanical IPD adjustment.
  • These are the only headset with integrated headphones and adjustable lens spacing. The motion controllers are more robust and comfortable.
  • Coming to design, the only thing which is not black is the transparent lenses and the logo printed on it.
  • The face-plate attached to it is that of glossy plastic while the head and body straps are made up of matte plastic. The foam padding, however, is covered in black faux leather.
  • The price can be a big factor because it is high priced than other windows mixed reality headsets.
  • However, this can ignore since they are presenting a premium gadget which is unique in its category.

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