Samsung Chrome book plus V2 (LTE) Review, Cost and Specifications


Samsung Chrome book plus V2 (LTE): Windows has lost its charm, once it had. People are nowadays more focused on purchasing Mac books and Chrome books as they cannot trust more on the less secure windows. However, it is to note that Apple's Mac book series is quite expensive and thus people are left with the option of buying Chrome books which is affordable as well as inexpensive. The better part about chrome book is that it supports android apps too so that you can get a version of the Android app for your chrome book as well.

Samsung has been the leading manufacturer concerning the competition in the Android Market. They manufactured some of the best selling Smartphone which includes S9 and S9+ as well. The A9 that is going to launch in 2018 has four cameras on the back for different purposes. Similarly, they have been secretly manufacturing some of the best laptops for the general public.

Now there are windows laptops as well from Samsung. However, the main focus is on the Linux Based Chrome-powered Chrome books that run on Chrome OS. The Samsung Chrome book plus v2 is the latest, what Samsung is offering in the laptop segment that runs on Chrome OS.

Samsung Chrome book plus V2 (LTE) Review, Cost and Specifications

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Review
Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 Release Date

The specialty of this laptop is that you can convert it into a tablet and also you can install all the android apps that found in Google play store. With a sleek design and light weightiness, it is easy to carry this laptop with you wherever you go. The laptop weighs a mere 2.91 pounds.

  • This laptop comes with an FHD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and a careen size of 12.2 inches. It has two cameras at the back of it which makes it more than a laptop.
  • The Laptop has inbuilt 32 GB storage and powered with Intel Celeron processors.
  • It has also got an extended lasting battery so that you can do your work whole day without getting interrupted.
  • It has got Intel HD graphics and a built-in stylus which help you to do the work with a pen on your screen.
  • This Version of the laptop launch back in June 2018.
  • However, reports say that there is an upgrade to it which is Samsung is trying to incorporate LTE to it and then launch it in the very near future.
  • The price Revealed as of now is $599.99. The LTE version of the laptop will be on sale from November 2, 2018.
Samsung Chrome book plus V2 (LTE) Review, Cost and Specifications
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