Nybble a Robotic Kitten Screw Free Interlocking Puzzle


Nybble a Robotic Kitten

Nybble a Robotic Kitten: Two things are trending in the current technology revolution, and that is the IoT or Internet of Things while the other one is Artificial Intelligence. Talking about the IOT, it’s a connection and network between devices that exists around us.

In simple language when an object can represent itself digitally, then it falls under the category of the Internet of Things. When all of our devices come under the radar of IOT, you will feel more comfortable because then you don’t have to operate the device through switches, preferably you will be using remotes and voice controls to produce those things. Artificial Intelligence is something different.


Nybble a Robotic Kitten
Nybble a Robotic Kitten
  • It provides brain to a computer or device so that it can do things of its own without commands and can also learn new things every day to help us meet our needs.
  • When both incorporated into one thing, then it’s obvious that something will be technologically strong.
  • Nybble is a robotic kitten made in the joint venture of these two things described above. You can make it learn cat behaviors, tricks and lot more than even normal cats can do or takes years to do.
  • Also, Nybble is the first of its kind because it is an open source cat that means the blueprint to this is available on their official website and that you can add modifications to it. An Arduino compatible microcontroller drives the motion of the cat.
  • It works by remembering the muscle movements while you can add a raspberry pi to help its perception and decision.
  • You can also train it in different languages with commands like “go right” and “turn left.” You can make Nybble by yourself just by joining the parts like that of a puzzle.
  • To solve the problem of future wiring, they have added a NY board which is a particular type of circuit board which will also help in future developments.
  • There are other chips as well along with that. There is ATmega328p Chip along with a faster crystal and also had added external EPROM.
  • The EEPROM is to store more of the instincts. The Nybble also has on- Board power management for which has tuneable output, various controlling and communication ports.
  • Nybble is for everyone and for the tech enthusiasts you can reprogram or re-design it to give it a new look.

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Nybble a Robotic Kitten Screw Free Interlocking Puzzle
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