Mozilla Firefox 63 All New Features & Updates


Mozilla Firefox 63: With the intent of the browser it was much easy to connect to the outside world, and the evolution of web browsers made it possible for the growth of the internet.

Previously there were not many browsers, and we had to go dependent on the Internet Explorer which became outdated after the introduction of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, UC browser and much more. Although Google Chrome is a much popular browser for PC, UC browser for android and Safari for IOS, the Mozilla Firefox browser has silently been residing in every platform since its release.

There was a time people used Mozilla Firefox, but its demand faded with time. However, Mozilla is trying to get back its place it was once, and hence developers have released the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser which is the Mozilla Firefox 63.

Mozilla Firefox 63

Mozilla Firefox 63
Mozilla Firefox 63

The Version has been released for all platforms Mozilla Firefox 63. The web browser version released for Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu while the android versions had been released already a week ago.

The iOS version has also published with shortcuts for Siri. These are the 6 th time in the year when Firefox has launched a flagship update. The Mozilla Firefox version 63 update got released just one month after the release of Mozilla Firefox 62 update.

  • The new version has a lot of bug fixes and advanced features for the protection of privacy of individuals.
  • One of the best features it has included is that now you can block storage access and cookies from third-party trackers.
  • This version of Firefox has search shortcuts along with pinned tab which will have Google and Amazon shortcuts.
  • The best thing with this version of Firefox is that there will be Siri featured voice commands which will help you to open a new tab.
  • There are light and dark modes for windows platform. The one another great thing to notice is the updated performance.
  • Mozilla Firefox 63 Now there is improved reactivity and faster tab switching as well which gives a better user experience.
  • The fixes that have done include the issue which prevented auto filling of bookmarked URL.
  • There are lots of performance updates, security patches and bug fixes for the Android platform as well.
    The list of updates and change logs found on their official website.
  • To download this version, you can go to their official website.

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