Microsoft restarted to build update for Windows 10 in October 2018


Microsoft restarted to build update for Windows 10 17763.104 in October 2018: Microsoft restarted building upgrade for Windows 10 Microsoft produced Windows operating system and it was a great hit back then, but it was when there were no other competitors around. But now that the other competitors are around that is the mac book, chrome books, and Samsung Chromebook plus V2, etc. they got way behind in the race. However, with the launch of Windows 10, things have started to spice up a little bit.

The updates they had been providing since for the betterment of their latest operating system is making people believe in the Windows operating system again. Windows has confirmed their latest update for October 2018, and it is known as the Redstone 5. These are the major update that will launch after the previous major update which is Redstone 4 that featured back in April 2018.

Microsoft restarted to build update for Windows 10 17763.104 in October 2018

Microsoft Windows 10 Update
Microsoft started Update for Windows 10

Speculated that the October 2018 update or the Redstone 5 would bring in some new features for a great and enhanced Windows 10 experience on your laptops and PCs. The Redstone 5 will have features like improved phone integration and Windows 10 news app.

  • It will bring significant improvements to the holes and Windows mixer reality. On the one hand, it will provide significant improvements and fixes to Windows 10, however, on the other end it will cut some liked features as well.
  • The Windows quick update which helped us to stop getting annoyed from the updates that could have popped out at any time has now cut with the latest update.
  • The update will include features like fluent design, more advanced Gaming Mode, Improvements in mixed reality, the Windows 10 news app, Advanced multitasking, improved search previews and an enhanced your phone app.
  • With the fluent design interface, you will be more likely to catch new apps and more elements added to it. You will also notice some 3D effects alongside the Windows mixed reality feature.
  • The gamers will profit from the gaming mode, and Microsoft has promised to add more to the gaming mode in the Redstone 5 update. They are making the multitasking more advanced.
  • They want to incorporate all the programs and turn it into a browser like an experience where you will find tabs for every program similarly like the android task manager.
  • The improvement in your phone app will mostly help Windows 10 users to interact their phone with the laptop without any hassle. The update will be releasing very soon.

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