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Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher APK
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Lucky Patcher apk: In most of the Google Play store games there are locked levels, coins purchases or gems purchases which help a lot to accomplish the objective of the game but then they are available by completing various tasks or previous levels which is sometimes boring in that intense moment.

However, these levels can unlock through a purchase made through Google in-app purchases available on the Google Play store. Lucky patcher helps to unlock these in-app purchase things and that too free of cost. It is one kind of patch or in simple a trick to get the maximum games free of charge. Lucky patcher is not only limited to Android.

Also, it can modify various other apps. Sometimes those apps that are free have advertisements that are irritating, and the lucky patcher can remove them very quickly. Different than that lucky patcher apk mirror can also modify system apps or delete them, and you can bypass license verification as well through it. Let’s take a look at the working of the lucky patcher.

Lucky Patcher APK is an unofficial App, and it is not available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app.

To understand the working of lucky patcher google play you need to understand the functioning of the Android operating system and in-app purchases of Google.  The Android operating system is a part of the JAVA language.

In contrary to this the apk files of android are not stored as dot java files or dot class files (parameters of the JAVA language), but they saved under a different file name which is the dot file. However, the dot format is the same format which keeps people to break it and change it accordingly on the base of their use.

What is Lucky Patcher APK?

lucky patcher apk mirror does is it internally checks equivalent hexadecimal values for the corresponding Java code which covered in the dex files. These codes written for the in-app purchases.  For the removal of ads, it merely changes the app data of that apk file. The Lucky patcher apk mainly targets the AndroidManifest XML file stored in the data folder of that apk. Download and root your devices with the help of lucky patcher application.

They can be done manually as well with the help of Android SDK, but it is quite a hectic process. Lucky patcher hacks and also disconnect the internet of that app, or sometimes it removes the ad containers where the ad is being displayed thus removing the apps.

lucky patcher games list the Android operating system is currently the most used operating system because of the massive number of devices that are powered by Android and most of the tools that run on Android are the smartphones.

The best thing about an Android smartphone is the availability of apps in the broader area. The gaming experience on an Android smartphone is quite significant. If you have got an Android Smartphone with high specs like high-level snapdragon processor and high ram capacity, then the gaming experience gets smoother even.

But these games are available through the strict policies of Google play store which makes it hard to get the full version of those games for free of cost. If you want to buy a game from the app store.

Then you need to buy it through the Google in-app purchases that are available against those games in the Google play store. Now here is the catch with the Lucky Patcher APK or you can say that this where lucky patcher hacker app comes to rescue. Know Lucky patcher apk download process below.

How to Download & Install Lucky Patcher APK for Android?

  • You can easily Download Lucky Patcher apk by clicking on this link given here, and after that, you can install it.
  • Since this is not available at Google play store due to a violation of policy, hence you need to download it from an external site.
  • After downloading you need to install it by double clicking on that apk.
  • Before installing the apk, you need to ensure that allow apps from other resources are turned on in your settings.
  • Open the Lucky Patcher by clicking on it and know how to use lucky patcher.
  • Upon opening of the app, you will get a list of apps that belong to in-app purchases.
  • Select that app for which you want to try the lucky patcher apk.
  • You can select your desired patch from the menu.
  • In the list, you can see lots of patches where you need to select “Support Patch for In-App and LVL emulation option.”
  • After that select the first two option the next window and hit next, you need to have the patience for a few minutes.
  • The previous process if you select an in-app app purchase, then it will ask if you want to get that app for free or not.
  • Thereupon you need to choose yes to get that app for free of cost.
  • You can even use Lucky Patcher to download iOS by installing the emulator.

File Info

App Name Lucky Patcher
File Type APK
Size 6.5MB
Version 8.2.1
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on Mar 2019


  • Repairing of apps: When you start the app, it will automatically list out the apps that are present on your Device.
  • It will also showcase those apps that are possible for repair.
  • You can check after selecting the app or game that you need to get repaired, and thus it helps to improve that app.
  • This app also shows the list where you can identify apps that have a custom patch.
  • Removal of license verification: The main problem when you install a game from the Google play store is that not all games are free and those games require license verification for you to continue enjoying.
  • In that case, Lucky patcher apk games help to skip the process of license verification, or we can say that it helps to remove verification of license in those paid apps.
  • Unlock many features of your favorite games: It helps to unlock levels of your favorite games.
  • You can get tonnes of gold or gems when you use the lucky patcher apk which otherwise had to purchase through Google in-app purchases.
  • This app helps to modify the games and thus provides with unlimited gems or coins.
  • Blocking unwanted ads: You can easily block those unwanted apps when you use this Patcher and its quite an easy task to remove ad with this luck patcher apk.
  • Not only this, you can create a full backup of that app after patching with the help of lucky patcher apk.
  • You can easily create a full backup of that app or game on your memory card which can use later.

Screen Shots

Lucky Patcher APK


Rooting your device is a dangerous task, and it can cause your private data stolen. However, as described above the lucky patcher apk does not needs rooting, and thus some of its features can be used without rooting as well. On performance, there is no question about it.

I hope I have covered full information in this blog. However, if you have any dought regarding the Lucky Patcher apk, you can always contact us, and we will surely look forward to assisting you better.

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Lucky Patcher APK Download 8.2.1 Latest Version (6.95MB)
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