IOS 12.1 Update – New Software Will Bring Major Boost


IOS 12.1 update: Apple Inc recently launched three new Smartphone models which are iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and iPhone XR based on the iPhone X model. These models run on iOS 12 and iOS 12.01, but there is quite an embarrassing flaw in those versions. According to a tech based website, iOS 12 and iOS 1.01 contained a bug which caused the problem with iMessage app (the official messaging app of iPhone). The problem is more like a betterment feature to help its consumers, but it may have embarrassed many.

According to that feature messages and chats of contacts with different phone numbers will be aligned under the same thread. The problem with this feature is that it is merging threads with different connections which are creating a situation of embarrassment for the user because people were unsure about whom they were sending the text messages. However, apart from bugs it had great secret features as well. Those bugs discharged with the next iOS update which is the IOS 12.1.

IOS 12.1 update

IOS 12.1 Update
IOS 12.1 Update

The release of IOS 12.1 updated anticipated because with the launch of IOS 12.1 update; there will be features like Group Facetime video calling. However not all phone and Apple devices will be able to enjoy this update according to the user guide of IOS 12.1.

  • The excluded phones and other Apple devices are iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4 and 6th generation iPod Touch.
  • The reason for this exclusion list is because of the performance issues because the phones that excluded from the feature runs on A8 or lower category chips.
  • The A9 chip included in the iPhone SE runs it quite smoothly. However, these smartphones excluded from the feature will get one thing which is that they can make group voice calls.
  • The group voice calls can be irritating sometimes without the faces. Also, Facetime will be limited to geography as well.
  • These means there will be a lot of angry iPhone and iPad users around after the launch of the IOS 12.1 update which will be launched tentatively by next week.
  • Here is a list of updates you will find in the latest version of IOS More than 70 new emojis Group FaceTime for up to 32 users is part of the iOS 12.1 beta Adjust photo background blur (bokeh) in real time. eSIM support menus are live in the beta but needed carrier support

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