Google pixel stand Review and Price – Pixel 3 Wireless Charger


Google pixel stand: Google has recently been marketing its own Smartphone. They first launched the Google pixel 1, Google pixel 2 and now they are launching the Google pixel 3. At the time of writing this article Google pixel, 3 and Google pixel 3l has already started.

These are the first time Google pixel developers decided to introduce wireless charging to their flagship Smartphone. The phone will support charger manufactured by Samsung along with others in line however they did a great thing which is they didn’t rely on its competitors and launched its own Google pixel stand.

Google pixel stand Review and Price – Pixel 3 Wireless Charger:

Google Pixel Stand Review and Price
Google Pixel Stand

But you will be amazed to know that this device is not only just a charger. When you set your Google pixel 3l into the Google pixel stand, then you will notice that it converts into a smart display.

This brilliant display provides you shortcut to the Google assistant. Thereupon you can integrate with devices like the nifty alarm clock which creates an atmosphere of sunrise and Nest hello doorbell.

  • There are much more in the line up as well. The Google pixel stand covered in white silicon and matte white finish.
  • The USB type C port is hidden by the circular base, and there is a space for the cord to reach the plug point. There is a Led indicator to it as well.
  • Google claimed that it would provide charge must faster than the other Qi charger available on the market.
  • The smart display when the Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3l docked shows a standard lock screen where the temperature, time and date.
  • There are three shortcuts added to it as well, and the first or the leftmost shortcut launches the Google voice assistant, the second or the middle one shows the suggestion for Google assistant whereas the last one shows the Google’s new feature, the discover feed.
  • The discover feed is quite interesting as it shows the list of upcoming events listed on your calendar. The voice recognition works as same as when the Google pixel 3 is unlocked.
  • Along with that, there is a morning alarm as well to it. There is more to Google pixel stand than just the signals and feeds.
  • The phones, when docked in the stand will show selective pictures from your gallery which are optimized by machine learning to fit the Smartphone screen. Google has outdone with the Google pixel stand in every way.

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