Google files Go Update | Clean Up Space on Mobile


Google files Storage cleaning apps are essential for your Smartphone because junk in your Smartphone makes your Smartphone worse. Google files GO launched to help people clean wastes on their Android smartphones, not only this, and it is a file browsing and file sharing app as well.

Google is always up to date in building these types of apps for its users and people will instead go for Google rather than just some unknown developer. Google LLC recently launched an update for Google Files GO for the Android Users which mainly focuses on an inbuilt media player. Google files Update The media player that contained in the Google Files Go app can run both audios as well as video too.

Google files Go Update

Google files Go Update
Google files Go Update screenshots

The great thing about this media player is that it plays audio in the background as well. The update also included secure app installs, advance browse, and faster sharing. There is a catch though; it does not run on versions of Android lower than Android 5.0 Lollipop.

  • The one essential part of the update is that Google claims it to provide 500 MBPS speed during peer to peer file transfer which is by far the best speed in any app that shares file on peer to peer mode.
  • Google files update can also help low-end Smartphone users to manage files and also to backup data.
  • There is also one another news regarding the Google files GO, and that is Google has recently renamed Google Files GO as Files.
  • To comply with all the devices the design of the user interface has also changed.
  • According to sources from Google, now it has a secure file management system.
  • The Files by Google Android app can easily be downloaded from the Google Play store easily.
    Then you are assuming wrong as it is a standalone app launched by Google and will not replace the built-in browser app.
  • Google files Update The app was released almost a year ago to churn up things for the low-end smartphones, for those who had difficulty to manage their storage spaces. It helps users to get the best of their device storage.

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Google files Go Update | Clean Up Space on Mobile
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