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FramaRoot APK

Framaroot apk
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FramaRoot APK: Rooting is a process which gives privileged access to Smartphones software. So we can use the full functionalities of Smartphones even uninstall the stock applications and get admin access. We’ve many methods to root the device in which best way to root the device is using rooting apps.

Just because we can root the device with one tap, there is also the fastest and safest method to root the device if the process fails we can uninstall the app and get back to a healthy state. There is no risk of device breakdown and no need for the computer. Here we can learn more about rooting apps like Framaroot and Kingroot.

Framaroot: As I explained above Framaroot is an Android app available in third-party websites which helps us to root the device in one tap just like Kingroot app. The best party of this app is all the beginners can easily use this app with no extra knowledge needed and advance users can Execute scripts.

Alternate App's
Framaroot APK is an un-official App, and it is not available on Google Play Store. Download the latest version below and install it on your Android devices without updating the app

Superuser and SU binary and included in this app, so you no need to install any extra app to get the task completed, these will support all the Android versions above 4. With root exploits attached to the app, it helps users to root their Android phone in a few seconds. The best part of the Framaroot app is we can even unroot the Smartphone with the same app without doing any extra process with a single tap.

How to Download & install Framaroot apk?

Framaroot apk

Download Framaroot APK

  • Framaroot is not available in the Play store so that you can download all the versions of the app below button.
  • Once you download the apk file, you can install it the way you install standard apps on your device, just giving access to unknown sources under settings.
  • Once you have enabled the Unknown resources to go to file manager and click install.
  • File successfully starts installing on your device. Now you can follow the below steps to root your equipment safely.

How to root Smartphone using Framaroot apk?

  • Open the Framaroot app from the app drawer, once the app opened on the home page, you can is a drop-down list. Tap on the drop-down menu and select Install SuperSU, then select exploits based on your device.
  • We’ve different options like (Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn, and Gimli) select them accordingly.
  • Then app starts exploiting rooting files to root the device. Once the Successfully message appears you can restart your machine to completion this rooting process.
  • If you get any error message like “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot” you can uninstall the app to save device from breakdown.

How to unroot Smartphone using Framaroot apk?

Open the Framaroot app from the app drawer, once the app opened on the home page, you can is a drop-down list. Tap on the drop-down menu and select unroot, within 10 seconds your device will get unrooted.

File Info

App Name Framaroot
File Type APK
Size 1.25MB
Version 1.9.3
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required No
Last Updated on March 20, 2018


  • Simple and easy UI: Framaroot is a simple app were even beginners would understand the user interface quickly.
  • One click access to root and unroot: With Framaroot app we can root and unroot Smartphone just by selecting the drop-down list and a single tap.
  • No need of computer: No need of zip files, extra software, unlocking OEM loader. A just single app needs to complete the whole process.
  • Execute scripts: Advance user can use this feature to write code and customize changes even to the stock applications.

Screen Shots

Framaroot apk
Framaroot apk screenshots

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FramaRoot APK Download 1.9.3 Latest Version (1.25MB)
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