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Cinema Box APK

Cinema Box apk
Download and install Latest Version Cinema Box apk

Cinema Box APK: Android OS has set a platform which has eased the way of life; people are living right now. There are apps for everything nowadays. You might be amused to know that you can now control your TV with your smartphone which is also done with the help of apps.

Cinema Box APK Now you can make your home a movie theatre with the movie apps available on the internet. One such app is the Cinema Box app which is an excellent app for not just only watching movies but also you can watch the latest TV series as well.

Above all, you can view HD contents if you have a good internet connection on your device. Cinema Box app is the no.1 choice of the people when it comes to movie apps. Cinema Box APK is also available on the Google Play store, and thus we can trust the service.

The reason for that is, an app can only be put on the app store for download, only, if that app complies with the terms and conditions of Google play store.

How to Download & Install Cinema Box APK and use?

Cinema box apk

Download Cinema Box APK

  • Downloading and installing is very easy as it is available on Google play store however you may not find it in your country if Google play services restrict it due to its policies.
  • To download it from Google, go to Google Playstore and type “Cinema Box.” You will next get the search results with Cinema Box app listed on the top.
  • Click on install to install the app and proceed. To download the apk file you can go to a third party website to download the apk file.
  • Using the app is very simple as you can search your desired movie from the search toolbar and you can find out a film with the help of genre present in the app.
  • You can use the filter as well which will refine your search.

File Info

App Name Cinema Box
File Type APK
Size 60.14MB
Version 2.1.0
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on Jan 2019


  • Cinema Box APK Friendly user interface If you have an app that is very hard to operate than you will automatically uninstall that app after using for some time.
  • Moreover, if that app is a place where you enjoy your favorite pastime over some coffee than you want that app to be easily accessible.
  • Cinema Box app is one such app that can provide you with a great interface on your device so that you can easily access your favorite content.
  • Their menu is quite organized, and their search toolbar is quite active as well.
  • So if you want to find a movie, you need to put the name on the search bar, and after that, you can enjoy your favorite movie.
  • New films get added on a daily basis In Cinema Box apk you may find the latest video and that too in HD format after one week usually of the release of that movie.
  • That is because Cinema Box regularly updates its portal and thus it is highly likely that you will get the latest movie on the entrance.
  • Also, videos are getting added on a daily basis, so you don’t have to wait much longer for the movie to release on cable TV.
  • Cinema Box APK: Stream and download over 800 films There are more than 800 movies and TV series included on the app. Cinema Box APK So now you can get your favorite movies under one roof.
  • Cinema Box APK There are some platforms where you may find one, and then you need to go to another portal to search another film due to unavailability of the film in the previous entrance.
  • But with Cinema Box apk that problem has been resolved as you can get all your favorite movies under one platform.
  • No limits or restrictions Cinema Box offers no limits or restrictions for downloading or streaming, and that makes it very different from other similar types of apps.
  • Cinema Box APK In most of the apps that allow you to stream movies shows you ads or maybe you need to complete a survey to watch the movie.
  • Some apps will show you a few minutes of the film from the beginning, and then after the completion of free minutes, they will ask you to subscribe to their services.
  • There are no such restrictions on the Cinema Box app. Video player for streaming is quite smooth Isn’t it quite irritating when you get interrupted during a movie that is being through a video player inbuilt on an app.
  • Often we see that there are buffering and other interruptions during a video play on the video player of an app, but in case of Cinema Box app, there are decidedly fewer interruptions.
  • The video player is quite smooth and is optimized according to your internet connectivity.
  • Furthermore, you may experience decidedly fewer ads during a video play on your device through the app.
  • All genres included With Cinema Box you will get a maximum number of styles which makes it easier to search and stream movies according to your mood.
  • Cinema Box APK: The Genres included in CinemaBox are Comedy, Romance, Urban, Action, Thrillers, Horror, Espanola, Family/Kids, Drama, Documentaries, Bollywood and many more.
  • This is one of the apps that provide you with Bollywood as a separate genre.
    Free of cost Cinema Box is a premium app which offers more than 800 movies to stream or download on your Smartphone device or tablet and that too free of charge.
  • Not every other app that lets you watch, stream or download videos provides you content free of cost.
  • Cinema Box APK: Either you have to subscribe for their monthly quarterly or yearly plans, or they will show you an ample number of ads through their app and which is quite irritating.
  • Here in Cinema Box app, they show you content free of cost.
  • However, there are ads that they also show but then their ads are placed in the app as such that you don’t get irritated while watching movies or other contents through their app.

Screen Shots

Cinema box apk
Cinema box apk screenshots

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Cinema Box APK Download 2.1.0 Latest Version (60.14MB)
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