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360Root APK

360root apk
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360Root APK: If you are unable to install apps like Gamegarudian, Gamer killer app on Android device. now you were able to install it on your Smartphone. 360Root APK To install Gamegarudian and Gamer killer apps we need a rooted Android device, as this apps only supported on rooted devices.

What do you mean by rooted device? Rooting is a process to give admin access to the user. As stock Android software has some limitations to the primary user, by rooting the device, we can able to break limited and get privileged access and can even make changes on the stock software.

How can I root my device? We’ve many methods to root our tools, and we can ground our device using a computer through software. But always the best way to root our device is using an Android App. These are the most straightforward and smartest way to root our device.

In my case, I used 360 Root app to root the device. This is very easy to use with user-friendly interface. As this is not an official app, it is not available on the Google Play store. So we can download 360 apps with the direct link given below. Here is more information about app 360 Root.

How to Download & install 360root APK and Use?

360root apk download

Download 360root APK

  • As this is not an official app, you cannot see this app on the Play store. However, download the apk application from the above button.
  • Once you download the apk file, you can install it by giving access to unknown resources under settings and install the file.
  • Once the application successfully installs, open the apps and follow the step by step instructions to root your device using 360root apk.

How does 360 Root app work?

  • 360Root APK Once you install the app, open the app from the app drawer. As this 360 root is a one-tap app to root your device. You need to tap on the root button and wait, remaining rooting process will be taken care by outsmarting 360 Root app.
  • App automatically starts checking your device model and check device compatibility files. Once 360 root app identifies the routing data, it will automatically begin to exploiting the data on the device to make this rooting process successful.
  • If you get any error message, we suggest you uninstall the app and try other methods to root the device as this mean 360 Root app won’t compatible with your device model.
  • Note: Rooting your device will void your device warranty, and we are not responsible for it. 360Root APK If the root process fails there is a chance of device breakdown, so do this at your own risk.

File Info

App Name 360root
File Type APK
Size 8.14MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on April 31, 2018


  • You can root your device with the most straightforward method just by one tap.
  • Anyone with the necessary knowledge can use this app to root your device.
  • Simple and more easy user-friendly interface used in this app.
  • Once you root the device, you can uninstall the app without any issues.
  • No external connection needed like the computer or hard disk.
  • This app also provides security features to lock gallery, WhatsApp chats any many more without downloading any extra app from play store.


360root apk screen shots
360root apk screen shots

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360Root APK Download 8.14 Latest Version (8.14MB)
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